Fashion over 50: Inside or Outside?

Fashion over 50: Inside or Outside?

Fashion over 50: Inside or Outside?

I have a dilemma when trying to wear shirts tucked in only in the front and letting the rest hangout in the back?

I know it’s trendy, but what do you think looks better? Inside or outside?

I purchased this denim shirt last year from Chico’s and never thought to wear the front tucked in only even though the front is shorter than the back. I bought it because I love all the buttons on the back. Because of the short front, it was an easy decision to do a front tuck.Fashion over 50: Inside or Outside?

Fashion over 50: Inside or Outside?

I know it’s fashionable to front tuck your shirt, but I have never thought it would look good on this 50ish body. I am still struggling with my 50ish belly not being flat and wearing a shirt tucked in shows my poochy tummy.

Trust me, I know I’m being petty about my figure, but it still shocks me that it morphed into my mother’s body when I hit menopause. (Her body still shocks her as an 82 year old woman.)

Fashion over 50: Inside or Outside?

I think you need to have a soft draping fabric to make it work for the front tuck. I have tried my starchy shirts and they don’t work in a front tuck, but would if tucked in all the way.

This shirt is extremely soft and it looks good in or out.

Fashion over 50: Inside or Outside?

Aren’t these multi colored sandals from Nordstrom fabulous?

Fashion over 50: Inside or Outside?


Fashion over 50: Inside or Outside?

I would love to know if you have embraced the front tuck fashion trend or still wearing your shirts out.

Be Fierce today and everyday!

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24 thoughts on “Fashion over 50: Inside or Outside?

  1. robjodiefilogomo says:

    I struggle with this at times too, Robin!!
    But I do like some tucking only because it adds a little interest!! Have you tried tucking into your front pockets of your jeans? I just found this method and think it’s almost perfect!!

  2. grandma2glamma says:

    I have found if I do more of a side tuck, I like it ok. I think it gives more of an asymmetrical look, for me any way. I haven’t tried it with a buttoned shirt though.

  3. Sandra Mimran says:

    Hi Robin, I’ve had this dilemma all my life since I’m short waisted. It can be pulled off if you keep it slim on the bottom, such as tapered pants and a low waist line, which creates a leaner look. I think the “V” neckline is perfect and your smile definitely perfects the look 🙂

    • HelloIm50ish says:


      Yes, I like low waistline pant too.
      I have to watch my V necks, so that I don’t have too much cleavage showing!
      I appreciate you stopping by today!


  4. Rosemary Davis says:

    I too, have the same problem…tummy is the largest part of my body. I have found that the side pocket tuck, works the best for me. It brings the eye down a little farther on my tummy and smooths things out in that area. I am much more comfortable when tucking in tee shirts. Making the tees more form fitting without being too tight.

  5. Catherine says:

    Let’s do tuck! Tuck tuck bo buck bo nana fana fo……I think that the front tuck with the white pants looks fantastic. Listen. My stomach looks like a blowfish ballooned out to capicity and I have been known to THINK I was rocking the front tuck until my daughter showed me that I had to pouf out the fabric a bit and then make sure the untuck was a bit to the side…
    It’s a lot of work to be trendy. But seriously. I LOVE that Chicos top and the buttons in the back!! I actually like the front tuck better than no tuck at all. Good tuck to you Robin!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  6. Ada says:

    Hi Robin, so glad I discovered your blog dear. I love a good chambray top and yours is fabulous! Such cute floral shorts, too.

    Welcome by my blog too and linkup with me tomorrow. A new linkup is live on Thursdays but I am doing it a day early this week. Thanks, Ada. =)

  7. LittleItaly2008 (@LittleItaly2008) says:

    I struggle with the same issue, and I find my shirts look best untucked. I love your comment about your body morphed into your mother’s body when you hit menopause. I can totally relate. I saw some photos of myself and I was shocked and horrified at how much I looked like my mom. I think you look fabulous both tucked in and tucked out. I think we are our own worst critics. That top is fabulous, I love the soft draping and the back. Both ways you styled it are lovely.

    • HelloIm50ish says:

      Thank you for your kind comments.
      Yes, we are our worst critics but it was such a shocker when I hit menopause!
      So I’m exercising and trying to watch my portions ( I refuse to diet because I love food!) and embracing my new body by wearing clothes that look great while still hiding my flaws!


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