Lifestyle over 50 : Pretty in Pink- October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


 Lifestyle over 50 : Pretty in Pink- October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is my favorite month of the year. The days are cooler and crisp, football games on the weekends,and participating in the annual pink ribbon charity golf tournament supporting breast cancer awareness at my country club in Atlanta.

Since I am involved with so many activities involving breast cancer awareness, I schedule my annual mammogram in October because I have many risk factors that may increase my chances of getting breast cancer.

Robin LaMonte is attending a pink ribbon charity party

Did you know:

  • As a woman over 50ish (closing in on 60ish) I now have a 1 in 29-43 chance of developing breast cancer.
  • Most breast cancers (8 out of 10) occur in women who are over the age of 50. Nearly half of all cases are diagnosed in people in the 50–69 age group. The older we are the higher the risk .
  • I have dense breasts which also raises the risk to 6 times more likely because it is hard to spot cancer on a mammogram.
  • I love my daily glass of red wine which also raises my chances of developing breast cancer, but on the other hand it is good for my heart.
  • I also have benign breast conditions that may also raise my risk. I have had many tumors and cysts removed over the years.
I know many women who are fighting, surviving, and who have lost their battle to breast cancer. Supporting breast cancer research is so important to me, as it should be for any woman.  I am involved with many charities, but this one is the most personal to me.


Robin LaMonte is playing golf for a pink ribbon charity event

It was a beautiful fall day in Atlanta yesterday for our charity golf tournament. Started out in the low 50’s but we shed our layers by noon when it hit the 80’s.
Our husbands volunteered to be our caddies and the golf course was decked out in pink everywhere.

Robin LaMonte is playing golf with women for a pink ribbon charity event
I enjoy golfing with women to raise awareness and to honor my cousin and sister in law (in the middle of the photo below)who are survivors of breast cancer.
Robin LaMonte is with her cousin and sister in law who are breast cancer survivors.

I hope someday we will have accurate early detection and prevent this horrible cancer from affecting so many lives.

Pink balloons fill the sky for the pink ribbon golf event.

I hope you support breast cancer research and schedule your yearly mammogram. Every little bit helps helps to prevent this cancer.

Bagpipe player at the pink ribbon golf event.

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