Lifestyle for over 50: Do you Exercise while on Vacation?

Lifestyle for over 50: Do you exercise while on Vacation?

I love going on vacation, (who doesn’t?)
When I travel, I try to work out by either doing a lot of walking {sightseeing} or working out in the fitness center of the hotel we are staying at like this one at the Cloister on Sea Island in Georgia. 
(We actually look at the hotel’s website to see what the fitness center looks like. It’s a part of our vacation planning. We seldom stay at a hotel that has a mini gym.)
Do you do some form of exercise when you go on vacation?

Exercising has become an important part of my daily routine since hitting the 50 yard line.
I think I work out more today than I did in my 30’s but it’s helping my flexibility, ( yoga) bone and muscle health, ( weight lifting) and my heart (I golf and walk my dog Bruno since I don’t like to run anymore ).

I also pack gym clothes when I travel because I tend to eat and drink a lot.
I need to burn up some of the calories I consume while vacationing.
We like to get up early and workout in the gym to start our day off right.

First stop however is to grab my prerequisite coffee before heading to the gym. Slowly easing myself into the gym works for me! I can’t jump out of bed and head to the gym. Then all I would think about is getting a cup of coffee!

The Cloister has a lovely spa and great exercise facilities .
Below is a shot of the entrance into the Spa at the Cloister which is so inviting.

The entrance into the Spa at the Cloister

I tend to head towards an empty exercise room to workout without people watching me.
I hate working out with weights with a bunch of men. Even today at this lovely resort, a 50ish woman was so happy I joined her in lifting weights. “So glad you’re here” was her comment to me.
I find that men watching us at any age so oddly uncomfortable when we workout in a gym.

 Someday I will stop and watch the men too, but just not today.

Robin LaMonte exercising alone at the Cloister on Sea Island

To do yoga on the Southern coast is still an oddity as it was on the East coast. I am not a vegan,but my body needs to stretch and bend to stay flexible. Again, it’s an exercise that people tend to stop and watch. I do not need an audience…

Robin is doing yoga at the Cloister on Sea Island


Robin is doing yoga at the Cloister on Sea Island


Namaste! I hope you find time to exercise every damn day!!
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