Interior Design: Deck out Your Porch for Fall and Halloween!

Interior Design: Deck out Your Porch for Fall and Halloween

Welcome to fall everyone!

I love fall because it is my favorite time of the year!
In Atlanta the weather is cooling down, the college football flags have been proudly hoisted, and my weekends are spent screaming at the television while wearing college team colors.(Yes, we wear school colors per game. Florida, Clemson, and Wisconsin if you need to know. We don’t like to jinx the teams!)

I even decorate my porches in a fall and Halloween theme. 
My porches are used the most in the fall and I have so many faux silk flowers, leaves, pumpkins, and Halloween decor collected from over the years that they need to be displayed for one month before I decorate again for Christmas.

We had guests last weekend and we entertained them on our porch for dinner.
All my favorite Halloween interior decorations get mixed in with my real house plants and my fall silk flowers come out of hiding.

My silk leaves wrap my napkins and real wax leaves get sprinkled on the table.


A witch stands watch on my dining porch among my houseplants and I also have hand blown pumpkins on display.

Halloween witch on the porch

Bruno stands ready for any food item dropped from the table while the little witch by the fireplace watches Bruno watch me.



The seating terrace beyond the dining porch is completely modern and not at all rustic.
The large slate fireplace separates the two different design styles.



Bruno has realized that we are not eating yet and he has become bored waiting for mom to finish up photographing her fall porch.



Here I thought I was done decorating for fall and Halloween until I happened to stop by Home Depot on Friday and saw all the Christmas decorations out and it gave me another idea for my porch.
My husband looked at me dragging a Christmas tree out of storage and says ,” A little early?”
“Nope. Went to Home Depot and saw a Christmas tree display and a lightbulb went off.”
I decided to decorate the tree with fall leaves.

Tree gets decorated with fall leaves.

No worries, the tree will get decorated soon enough for Christmas!

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