Lifestyle over 50: Are we too old to Dress up for Halloween?

I was doing some research for this blog post and came across an article from Cosmopolitan, “The Stages of Going out on Halloween, by Age.” and the last stage was ages 27-30?
So what happens when you’re 50ish? Are we too old to dress up for Halloween?

When is it too old to have fun on a holiday that children up to the age of 30 can still enjoy without being judged?
When did 30 become the last age it was legitimate to dress up for Halloween?
The editor of Cosmopolitan, Joanna Coles is 50ish. I guess she cannot dress up for Halloween according to her own magazine.

Joanna Coles

When I was a flight attendant in my 30’s I dressed up for my trips to have fun with the passengers.

Now I am dressing up as the flight attendant I used to be, but my uniform is now my costume for the Halloween golf tournament.
Funny, I wasn’t the only one over the age of 30 who dressed up in a costume.


Even our golf pros had fun dressing up!

I play golf with 50ish women and we all dressed up for our Halloween golf tournament.

Next year I think I will dress up like 50ish fashion model, Cindy Crawford and come as Slash. Even better, I’ll invite her to be in my foursome. Now wouldn’t that be fun!


Randy Gerber and Cindy Crawford

Cindy has been featured many times on the cover of Cosmopolitan, but apparently she hasn’t gotten the message about being too old to dress up for Halloween.

Cindy Crawford
Dressing up for fun on Halloween over the age of 50 is good for us because laughter is the best medicine.
Halloween is a fun holiday and all ages should go out and enjoy the day dressed up to make someone laugh or make someone glad you weren’t the only over 30ish person who still likes to have fun.
Would you care for peanuts or pretzels ?


Happy Halloween!

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