Fashion over 50: The Horizontal Stripes Myth

Fashion over 50: The Horizontal Stripes Myth
Here’s a question for you.
Do you stay away from horizontal stripes because you think you will look fatter?
I used to think that vertical stripes made me look thinner when the truth is horizontal stripes make us look thinner!!

The the horizontal vs. vertical lines theory old myth was debunked by Hermann von Helmholtz in 1925, and is also known as the Helmholtz illusion. Helmholtz’s explanation of the illusion was that a filled out area looks longer than an unfilled area of the same size. His thought was that the figure with horizontal stripes looks filled and hence longer from bottom up, whereas the square with vertical lines looks filled and hence longer from left to right. This then generates the illusion that the square with horizontal lines is taller and slimmer than the same-sized square with vertical stripes, which looks short and fat.

See the below illustration of his theory: Exact squares but the one on the left looks skinnier and taller! Just what we all want to look like over 50!!!

Horizontal stripes will make you look taller
When two people are the same size, a person wearing a horizontal-striped dress appears to be the thinner of the two. In order for the them to appear to be the same size, the person wearing the horizontal stripes would have to be six percent wider than the person dressed in vertically-striped clothing.
Source: Peter Thompson and Kyriaki Mikellidou, The 3-D Helmholtz Square illusion: more reasons to wear horizontal stripes, Journal of Vision, August 5, 2009 vol. 9 no. 8 article 50.Horizontal stripes will make you look thinner

 My outfit is from Chico’s and I was concerned that I am not as thin as the model and the knit pants would look terrible on me. I am more shapely and older than An Hayward, but the pants are so comfortable and perfect for me as an interior designer.

I have to go now or I’ll be late for my client meeting!!!

FYI, the jewelry was designed by a local Atlanta woman. Big and chunky, the way I like it!!

Robin loves her horizontal stripe pants
Robin loves her horizontal stripe pants when meeting clients.
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