Fashion over 50: Selecting a Swimsuit for the Beach 

Fashion over 50:?The Swimsuit for the beach The swimsuit season has arrived for me since we have a condo on the beach in Hilton Head.

My selection for a swimsuit this season has a lot to do with the strapless dress I’m wearing for my son’s wedding in June. I don’t need tan lines with my gown, so I  selected  the suit that would flatter my body in public.

I found this Gottex – Flyaway Tropical Dawn, to be the my swimsuit of the year because of the cute “flyaway ” overlay and the black body fabric was really well constructed. This suit flatters my 50ish figure and I really feel chic and comfortable wearing it.

I  know I can wear a 2 piece swimsuit, even as a 60 year old, but I know we are judged when we are at the pool or on the beach. People see us and silently hold up rating cards in their heads, just like on ” Dancing with the Stars”and I don’t need the Len Goodman’s of the beach pointing out my flaws. I’m not a 40 on the rating scale, but I’m not concerned about what the beach judges think when I wear an attractive swimsuit.

Fashion over50: selecting a Swimsuit for the beach
Okay my friends, I need to put some more suntan lotion on.

I wish you were here so you to enjoy my little piece of paradise!

Do not disturb hat

Be Fierce today and everyday!

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    • April 19, 2017 / 1:37 pm


      You are so kind to comment about my Swimsuit post!
      Thank you fierce 50 sister!


  1. April 20, 2017 / 12:08 am

    I am going to respectfully add my two cents. You have a great figure. You SHOULD be wearing a two piece! Don’t give into that mumbo jumbo about women our age (actually you are a baby compared to my 62 years) should not wear two pieces! Let them judge because it’s THEIR issue to judge an older woman on what she should or should not wear!
    When I’m in France each summer I am gloriously happy to see women of all shapes, sizes and ages frolicking in the sun in teeny bikinis and the bottom half only of those teeny bikinis. Nobody gives the women a second glance! I will be swimwear shopping soon and plan on purchasing a couple of higher cut bikinis.
    But the important thing is this–you are very comfortable in that lovely one piece and it’ll serve the purpose of no tan lines for your son’s wedding.
    Please wear sunscreen though–I baked for years and ended up having Mohs surgery on my face!

    • April 20, 2017 / 12:17 am


      You are so right about being able to wear what you want but in my head I still have a little voice saying, “You’re a 60 year old woman with spider veins and a thick waist.”
      I wear a 2 piece at home in my pool ,but I still look down and say ,WTF?

      Hugs to my new friend!

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