Beauty Tip for over 50: The Ponytail Hair Extension


Do you have a secret weapon you use to make your hair look fabulous even on a bad hair day? No, I’m not talking about a baseball cap.

When my hair is misbehaving, I use a ponytail extension and hide my bad hair .

Have you noticed celebrities wear a lot of hair extensions?

My favorite celebrity is Gwen Stefani and I noticed this season on the Voice, she’s got a ponytail extension that looks fabulous on her!



With my hair thinning (as well as my eyelashes ) I am trying to improve the volume of my hair with extensions.

I also love how quickly I can get ready for design client meetings or for date nights when I dont have the time to style me hair.


I found my ponytail extension at Ulta Beauty but I am sure you can find hair extensions online or at your local beauty supply store.


So if you’re like me or Gwen, we could all use help from our little friends….



I would love to know what you use to make your “bad hair day” into a “perfect hair day!”

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4 thoughts on “Beauty Tip for over 50: The Ponytail Hair Extension

  1. Catherine says:

    My bio hair is so bad–I USED to have the thickest head of hair in the world, No alternative fact, this. Then menopause and stress and tugging left me with 1/3 of what I used to have.
    I wear toppers and wigs! I love fake hair. It’s always foolproof!
    This post made me so happy that it gave me the giggles. You are so adorable!!!!

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