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O' Christmas Tree - Oh how I love Thee { A Family Tradition }
All Christmas trees are perfectly decorated. 
No matter the size; small or enormous . If you use real or fake. 
Decorate like Charlie Brown 
Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree
or more like
You decorate the way you want your tree to look because the  decorated tree represents you, your memories, and your heart.
 The tree is the keeper of  the Christmas presents below, perhaps a centerpiece in your home, glowing out of your window to let others know you too celebrate the holiday season. 
They are  in your childhood memories whether you were delighted or disappointed when you raced to the tree on Christmas morning to  see what Santa brought you. 
Decorating our Christmas tree is a part of  my family holiday tradition. 

My earliest memory of Christmas trees took place in Iowa and I fondly remember my Grandparent’s aluminum Christmas tree which sat in the window of their dining room. It was a small tree perhaps all of 4′ high, but I found it very unique because it wasn’t a real tree like we had on the farm.

The tree below with the same ornaments that grace this tree. How uncanny that they got it right…
Vintage Aluminium Christmas Tree
Vintage 60’s

My mother decorated  our tree with bubble lights and silver tinsel. I did not help her decorate the tree, but I do remember it falling over a couple of times…

Vintage 60's Christmas tree with bubble lights and tinsel
Bubble lights and Silver Tinsel
My husband and I  started a holiday tradition with our 4 children when they were little of going to a tree farm and cutting down that one special tree we would take home to stand front and center in our livingroom. It was the children’s job of decorating the tree with me. 

We always cut down our tree on the first weekend after Thanksgiving. We would load up the children and head to a tree farm where hot apple cider and donuts awaited them as well as that special Christmas tree.

family at the tree farm in New Jersey

 Picking out that perfect tree was like picking out our Halloween pumpkin, a joint family decision. Don’t ask me how Alex ended up with the saw in the photo below.
 Perhaps this was the last family roadtrip to the tree farm. (Dad must have given him the saw while he photographed us.)

family at the tree farm in New Jersey
Nothing says you bought a real tree louder than the sight of the tree strapped to the hood of your car, or in this case, dragged behind it…
Little car towing large tree
Christmas tree being towed by Andrew Fuller
Once home
Once home, we would decorate the tree as a family with the ornaments given to all 6 of us from my mother. 
Every year my mother would give ornaments as presents to us as part of her holiday tradition with our family.
The family roadtrip to a tree farm ended when one by one our children entered high school. Even my husband bailed on me eventually.
 I still carried out the family tradition minus 5 people, trekked to a local nursery (because I wasn’t about to cut down my own tree) and picked out my own 11′ Christmas tree. 
I even moved up decorating the tree before Thanksgiving because as soon as I saw Christmas trees on the nursery lot, I moved swiftly. Hunting for the large perfect tree took timing. The earlier I purchased my tree, the better the selections. Since I was the only female at the nursery at 8:00 in the morning I had nice men load the tree to the top of my car, drove it back home, and decorated it with my daughter Sammy. She was the only one excited about keeping the holiday decorating tradition alive.
Even though I was the hunter of the tree, it was admired by my family. I would pull up in the driveway and make the boys and dad take it down and bring it into the house.
That 11′ tree always sat majestically in our living room and was seen by the all neighbors, from the top of our stairs, and from 3 other rooms.

11' Christmas tree in our living room in New Jersey
11' Christmas tree in our living room in New Jersey
We also had another family tradition of taking the Christmas family photo in front of the tree.   The tree was the backdrop to our family group shots.
 ( circa 1993)
                (circa 1995- when wearing Christmas sweaters were acceptable. Matching sweaters optional.)
Wearing Christmas sweaters in 1995 by the tree by Robin LaMonte/Rooms Revamped Interior Design

                   As the holiday tradition of giving ornaments as gifts to our children from my mother continued, I needed to add another tree to our collection.

 I put a tree in our kitchen so that I could enjoy looking at it everyday. This was the kid tree that held all the children’s ornaments.  Sammy and I loved to decorate this tree with the ornaments. It was also a fake tree that could hold the heavy ornaments.
tree in the kitchen
Now we have 4 Christmas trees decorated in our home in Atlanta and it’s become a 2 week project.
The reason I have 4 trees is because I have done holiday showhouses and those ornaments, ribbons, decorations, and elves come home with me. I paid for those ornaments and they are now on display in my home.
I put a formal tree in the hallway of my current home in Atlanta. The walls are curved and this is a perfect spot for one of my trees until I find the perfect piece of art to go in this space.
It is near my dining room so the colors compliment the colors used in my dining room.
Christmas tree in the hallway

 This tall skinny tree in our family room  is now the tree where all our children ornaments hang as well as the elf at the top of the tree and the one on the shelf who graced the 2014 Christmas at Callanwolde Holiday Showhouse.

Christmas tree in the family room

                                           2014 Christmas at Callanwolde Elves

Elves relaxing by Robin LaMonte/Rooms Revamped Interior Design

This tree and table graced our kitchen in New Jersey, but they look splendid on my dining porch. They are decorated every year for Christmas. We have been using this outdoor table a lot since we are experiencing a warm December.
Christmas tree on the porch by Robin LaMonte/Rooms Revamped Interior Design

This is our newest addition to our collection of trees because I needed to make a home for all the ornaments I purchased for the 2013 and 2014 Christmas at Callanwolde Holiday Showhouse. Peacocks and butterflies float on the branches.

Christmas tree in the living room by Robin LaMonte/Rooms Revamped Interior Design

2014 Christmas at Callanwolde by Robin LaMonte/Rooms Revamped Interior Design

2013 Christmas at Callanwolde by Robin LaMonte/Rooms Revamped Interior Design

A Scottish wedding was also held at Callanwolde in 2013, hence the bride looking up the kilt.

2013 Christmas at Callanwolde by Robin LaMonte/Rooms Revamped Interior Design

More than anything, decorating our Christmas trees will be a tradition I will carry out and hopefully be a fond memory for my children and their children to cherish.

Christmas  Peace ornament by Robin LaMonte/Rooms Revamped Interior Design

I hope you have the most wonderful holiday filled with lots of family traditions!

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