Interior Design: 2015 Super Bowl inspired Interior Design

Super Bowl inspired Interiors
OMG! It’s Super Bowl Sunday!
The last day of the most favorite time of the year in my books.
I love football, both college and professional. This sport filled my weekends in front of the television where I spent time pinning on Pinterest and writing my blog posts.
Perhaps its because I was a football cheerleader in high school, my parents were season ticket holders to the Minnesota Vikings, and a pom pom girl in college at Wisconsin that I love this sport so much.

Me as a Football cheerleader 1973.
My high school football cheerleading photo. On the left on top.

But I also love interior design and today I get to blend my two loves together in this blog post.

I love blue green interiors, which are the colors of the Seahawks. The indigo blue and lime green uniform is a favorite combination of mine.

I was really hoping blue would have been Pantone Color of the Year. Not Marsala..
Russell Wilson

                                                            designed by Robin

Luxury apartment in Paris

Love the emerald green against the blue wall
Found on Eclectic Living Home

blue velvet modern wingbacks
Found on Beeofdesign

LOVE the lacquered walls!
Found on House Beautiful

Green bookshelf in a blue room
Found on the PerfectBath

another good example of painting the interiors green on bookcase
Found on drivenbydecor
Nothing says Patriotic than red, white, and blue. Which can be used in holiday decor celebrating our patriotism or celebrating the New England Patriots.
Tom Brady and the Patriots
Patriotic dining room
Patriotic living room
Huss Homes

Patriotic colors in this living room
Found on House Beautiful

red,white, and blue bedroom
Jeffers Design Group
Found on NKBA

Jeanne Balsam Interiors
So there you have it. 2015 Super Bowl inspired interiors.
Who am I rooting for since the Vikings are not in it?

If you know that I love both college and professional football equally. And I love blue green interiors, there is only one team I will cheer on today.
The team with the former Wisconsin Badger quarterback wearing the blue green uniform of course!!

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