How Important is Customer Service to You?

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Hell hath no Fury like an Interior Designer Scorned…….. then she gets on the internet and shares her terrible  experience with her 6,000  interior design friends in a secret society. We have a name for bad experiences and customer service. “mmmuuhu.” We even have a secret password, handshake, wear tiaras (Female) and smoking jackets (Male) in this secret society…….

We have become  an opinionated society posting comments and reviews on the internet lately.
Everything under the sun is now being reviewed. People are very comfortable posting good and bad reviews online. Some are bogus reviews but  still why would any company risk a bad review given the popularity of Roman Style Gladiatorial social media of Thumbs up or Thumbs down reviews.

I read reviews because I will form an opinion on if I want to go to a certain restaurant, sleep at a certain hotel, buy at a certain store, and so on.

Reviews and comments should only be made if you were affected by something or someone, good service, bad service, your experience, how it made you feel, would you go back, and would you use it again are all valid reasons to make a subjective comment, because it happened to you.

Even well respected shelter magazines have jumped on the bandwagon asking for comments from followers “what do you  think of this room?
 In my opinion, this should not be a part of the social media conversation. A comment or a review for a room that was designed for a specific client, doesn’t need to be voted yes or  no and have comments made by people who judge the room based on their personal opinion. It  is the “no’s” and the negative comments that hurt the interior design professional’s feelings because the room wasn’t designed for the masses to be voted or negatively commented on, it was designed for a client. We will not respond to the negative comments made on our photos,because we know it won’t change a person’s opinion and we cannot please everyone.

What we are comfortable with  is to be reviewed for our services, ” how did we treat you” and” did you enjoy the experience or not?”
My profession’s backbone is customer service and our livelihood relies on word of mouth and testimonies from our clients.
As a professional interior designer who has been awarded the “Best of Houzz”  for two years in a row; I rely on the testimonies from my clients.
The testimony gives a prospective client a written acknowledgement that my clients enjoyed the working relationship they had with me. If you read closely to all  my testimonies you will never read it was about the fantastic chair I designed for a room, but the experience they had. It was a good experience with great customer service.
Good experience brings repeat clients and many referrals.
This customer service falls under my “Full Interior Design Service”.  My clients pay me to manage and to protect their investments. And to also deal with the people or companies who do not share my high level of professionalism, the “mmmuuhu’s.”

In this day and age of posting good and bad reviews online so freely, why are so many companies still giving bad customer service? Is it because you are too big for your britches to care? Are you outsourcing the customer complaint department?
Do you even care that this bad service will come to haunt you when no one comes to your door or calls you anymore?

Yes, once in awhile I run into bad customer service and spend multiple hours fixing a wrong and making it right, but I do it because I am committed to giving my clients great customer service and a great experience working with me.

I fire contractors, who show up late or not at all. I will not work again with architects who do not pay me in a timely fashion. I stop purchasing from companies who send damaged items to my warehouse then will not repair them because my warehouse signed a “clear delivery” because the box the item came in wasn’t damaged, so of course it wasn’t their fault!

I fight my battles on behalf of my client and my high level of customers service. When I work with someone on a project, I expect the same high level of professionalism, because it reflects on my business.  I am a “one and done” when it comes to working with poorly run companies who have dropped the ball on my foot.

So after each good and bad experience, I put on my Tiara, knock on the door, say the password, do the handshake, and share my “mmmuuhu’s” with my 6,000 members. We all know who has been naughty or nice. We share this information privately and not publicly.

It’s just we, as interior design professionals, haven’t been crazed enough to post bad reviews or respond to negative comments on the Internet……….
 At least not yet.

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