Fashion: Dressing for Success: How do you Dress to Attract your Ideal Client?

Dressing for Success: How do you Dress to Attract your Ideal Client?
Robin is wearing Chico’s Ikat Breeze Shirt
First impressions count. Period.
How do you dress to attract your ideal client?

 How you dress and how you look in front of the general public, whether on social media, or on your website is all a part of marketing yourself . I don’t care if you’re an interior designer or in another professional field.
First impressions really do matter and may be the determining factor on whether a  prospective client will pick up the phone and call you. 

In the world of interior design you’re constantly marketing to your ideal client whether or not you are consciously aware of it. 
Attracting your ideal client is based on the following: 
  • Your interior design portfolio and your presence on the internet and in social media is 60 % of your attraction.
  • Followed by 20% referrals and testimonies from your clients.
  • The last 20% is your appearance..

Yes, let me say it again, “Your appearance!”
In the age of   “Look at Me”(selfies, Instagram, SnapChat (no I don’t), FaceBook, social media, and the World of the Internet), we are judged. I know we would like to think our work will speak for itself, but it doesn’t. The new client wants to know what you look like too.

Do you know who your ideal client is?

If you want a certain type of client with a certain type of income, perhaps a celebrity, a professional athlete, an executive or CEO; whatever type of client your target market is, you need to dress to attract that client. Dressing to attract your ideal client is like going on a job interview but with a twist, you need to dress like they do…

 Take a look at many successful interior designers and what they’re wearing. Do you notice many suits and blazers on the male designers? Are the female designers wearing designer clothing and shoes? Chic and glamourous fashion styles?

What they are conveying to you is that they are high end interior designers without saying a word. Their attire speaks for them. 
Create a signature look that speaks to your ideal client.
 I  have a signature look  that represents my personality and my fashion signature style.
My ideal clients are attracted to my interior design style and my fashion style. I prefer long tops that flow, lots of jewelry, and happy bright colors. My clothes are chic, colorful, and I find most of them at Chico’s. I wear a lot of Chico’s because it is chic and youthful looking without looking like I’m wearing my daughter’s clothes. I also believe it makes me look younger than my actual age. 
Chico’s target audience is the over 40 woman and that is my ideal client market.
Baby Boomers make up to 90% of my clients. 
I have a confession: I am about to turn 60 this year, but as much as I cringe at hitting this milestone, I embrace it. I also believe that dressing chic and fashionable is an important part of my interior design business. It is a part of marketing my interior design business. When I walk into a room, I want you to think that I look like a successful professional interior designer. 
I have been told by a few of my clients that I look like the designer they had envisioned before I met them.
Robin is wearing Chico's
Below are great examples of  successful interior designers at a  design seminar in January hosted by my Design Campus friends, Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis
We are not with our clients, but in the public eye. We wear our signature look like a uniform.
 I am wearing my usual Chico’s attire, Michael Habachy is wearing a suit, as he usually does and Loren Audrey Taylor is always wearing classy casual. We have our signature look on.
Robin is wearing Chico's as her signature fashion style
Photo by Design Campus
Below:  William T. Baker is the Founder and Principal of one of the foremost residential architecture firms in the United States and Kelli Ellis is a nationally recognized celebrity  interior designer based in LA.
Bill wears suits, his classic signature style and Kelli’s signature style is hip and chic LA glam. I cannot wear Kelli’s style because it isn’t my style, but I love her fashion style!! Fierce Kelli is what I call her! They are wearing their fashion signature look  and it attracts their ideal client!!
William Baker is classic suits and Kelli is LA glam
Photo by Design Campus
I am wearing my Chico’s signature look while visiting with Stacy Garcia who wears a  chic New York look. She also has her own wallcovering and furniture collection so she doesn’t need to dress to impress like I do. But her fashion style is in step with her marketing for her product lines. Fun and adventurous.
Stacy Garcia is NY chic and Robin is Chico's chic
Photo by Design Campus
Did you know your appearance can also pre qualify your clients?

 I  dress at the income level my preferred  ideal clients are at. The majority of my clients are successful executives, doctors, lawyers, and professional athletes living in affluent neighborhoods.
I still will meet with new prospective clients, either in my office or at their home but my attire already tells my new clients we aren’t renovating their kitchen for $ but for $$$. I do not need to tell them my design fees for their project. They already know. 
Yes, I have encountered many clients who have told me they were impressed with me, but couldn’t afford me by the way I looked. I had not even discussed my design fees with them!
When someone says that they cannot afford me based on my attire, they are not my ideal client .
They equate my signature look as being too expensive for their project. I want clients who do not give a second thought to what I’m wearing, but that I look really nice or that they thought this is what their designer should look like.
Robin LaMonte in her Chico's signature style
When I’m out in the public representing my interior design firm, I dress for success. I never change my signature style, and even though I’m not meeting with my clients, I am marketing myself.
Robin LaMonte in her Chico's signature style with Vern Yip

Here I am with Vern Yip and Allyson Kirkpatrick at the 2015 Atlanta Symphony Decorator’s Showhouse and Gardens.

Robin LaMonte in her Chico's signature style at a meeting at ADAC for Dwell with Dignity
Photo by Ben Rose Photography
Or at a meeting for the charity, Dwell with Dignity  with Nancy Foster and Katie Miner Hakes  at ADAC { Atlanta Decorative Arts Center}

 I’ve shared with you today an important part of marketing yourself to appeal to your ideal client or to land that perfect job. Are you ready to dress to attract your ideal client?

Call me if you need help. I got this.

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