Do you Fake it or Not? 5 Reasons to consider Faux flowers in your Decor

It depends on my mood and the time of year………

This topic of conversation started when my basement was featured this week on Houzz as the Basement of the Week but under this photo in an ideabook by a houzzer was written “Fake Flowers”. 
Au contraire mon cheri’!
But I have no way of telling this person that the flowers are real. But does it really matter if that person thinks the flowers were fake?

There is a secret oath among interior designers never to shoot interiors without real floral or vegetation in each photo if possible . “Thou shalt not fake a flower in a photo shoot.

That is why you see so many professionally shot interiors with flowers or vegetation in every photo.
I especially love the kitchen shots overloaded with vegetation and sprinkled raspberries on the counter.

 I can hear photographers, stylists, and designers discussing why green apples in a bowl looks good in the bedroom shot.
 Kinda like Adam and Eve lying in bed saying to each other, “You gonna eat that?”

ROOMS REVAMPED, INC-Christina Wedge Photography

                                  ROOMS REVAMPED, INC-Christina Wedge Photography


MY TERRACE WITH REAL PLANTS-Christina Wedge Photography
Sometimes even a shot of a flower is more important than the rest of the room

ORCHID BY MY BATHTUB-Christina Wedge Photography
I love real flowers and nothing says springtime than flowers in your home.
Many people do not have a green thumb, have allergies, travel,  have cats and live in climates that prevent them from using real flowers without having them destroyed by the heat.
The Pros of using  artificial flowers are many: cost effective, they don’t wilt in hot weather, they don’t freeze in cold weather, don’t need to water them, deer won’t eat them, cats can’t dig in the dirt,and they last longer. 
You just need to decide if Faking It is right for you……….
                     5  Reasons to consider Faking It……….
  1. In your yard or in a planter.
I’m not a fan of exterior plastic plants, but I have seen red carnations in pots in snowy New Jersey in January. These people are not lazy gardeners, they just need to know when to fake it, so We know they’re not faking it………

Faking it in Las Vegas….too hot for geraniums.
Faking it by the pool………
Faking it in the  flower bed……
Faking it Gone too far…Looks like a set designed for the Wizard of Oz…..
            2. Front Door
Still an acceptable tradition many people  hang a  silk floral wreath on the front door to announce Welcome.

         3.  At the Cemetery

It is perfectly acceptable to put artificial flowers on a grave site as a loving gesture to those we have lost.
                4. Weddings

Flowers take a large chunk out of a wedding budget and many brides are opting to be more budget conscious and if done well, we cannot tell if the bride is faking it on her wedding day…….

Jane Caroline faked it on her wedding day……..
           5. Holiday Decorating

I absolutely believe that faking it during the holidays has it merits.
Reusable, less of a mess, lasts as long as you want the holiday theme , and it doesn’t need water. I use artificial greens and flowers for my holiday decorating projects and I am not ashamed to admit that I fake it during the holidays.
I fake it at Halloween….
I fake it at Christmas………..
I even faked it outdoors on my terrace and at Christmas……
However if you still keep the silk greenery  above the kitchen cabinets, which was a 90’s thing… You’ve been fakin’ it way too long…….
So do you Fake it too?

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